I don’t do birds!

Really. I am not a bird photographer. I don’t have the patience. Birds don’t pay me to to take their picture so why would I bother. There are those who photograph birds and actually sell the pictures. I call those people lucky. The only reason I mention any of this is because I caught myself taking a picture of a bird today. Worse than that I took several pictures. What’s even worse is I was crawling through the sand on my hands and knees trying to get a good close angle on a bird. No, I haven’t lost it! I did that a long time ago when I turned to photography as a career. What got me doing this was the fact that I had a neat little Canon point and shoot with me called the G12. It’s about the best “point & shoot” style camera you can buy.  The second thing that got me looking like an idiot, lying down in the sand with the waves crashing over my feet was there was a rather rare bird called snowy plover that was actually getting close enough for this shot. I hope I never stoop to this level again, but I can see what gets those bird guys & gals hooked. So here he is, my Snowy Plover in front of the Gulfside Place condominium, Sanibel Island, Florida.